How to Play Keno in W88 2023 – Best Deals Online Keno Platform

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Learn How to Play Keno in W88 2023

How to Play Keno – win real money online. Visit W88 Online Lottery today and try your luck in guessing the winning numbers. Read below the basics on how to play Keno in W88 2023 . Register today from the most trusted gambling site in Asia. Enjoy all the games from lotteries to casinos and sports. Bookmark this page for more news and tips from W88 experts. Have fun playing gambling today and earn real money online!

Learn How to Play Keno in W88 2021

Learn How to Play Keno in W88 2023

Keno game is popular online next to Lotto. This game is known as a fast phasing game in which, in less than one minute, you can now enjoy earning a great amount with its offered competitive odds. Check below the basics of this game. Then, test your luck by betting on the W88 Lottery. Enjoy the best Keno online platform that is available from the website. Visit the official website today and register!

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The Basic – How to Play Keno

The Keno game is so easy to play; all you need to do is to be familiar with the types of bets you are going to place. This game is a lottery game that originated in China. The game is twenty numbered balls that are randomly drawn from eighty numbered balls (1-80). Before each draw, the player will make a bet on any of the following types of bets. As said earlier, familiarizing bet types is the basics you need to learn how to play Keno in W88 . Check below bet types in playing Keno.

  • Big, Exact Score, Small – Base on the sum of 20 numbered balls. “Big” if greater than 810, “Exact Score” if exactly equal to 810, and “Small” if the sum is below 810.
  • Up, Tie, Down – Win from betting “Up” if more than 10 out of 20 numbered balls fall in 01-40, while “Down” is getting more than 10 from range 41-80. Tie bet means each range has 10 numbers; 01-40 and 41-80.
  • Odds, Tie, Evens – Similar to Up, Tie, and Down Bets, this bet is based on the majority of the 20 balls. “Odds” win if the majority or more than ten are Odd numbers, and “Evens” win if Even numbers. Tie wins if each Odd and Even has exactly 10 numbers each out of 20.
Learn How to Play Keno in W88 2021 - Power Keno

Learn How to Play Keno in W88 2023 – Power Keno

  • Odd, Even – This is different from Odds, Tie, and Evens. The winner comes from the total sum of 20 numbered balls. “Odd” win for Odd Number results and “Even” for Even Number results.
  • Parlay Big Small, Odd Even – This bet type is a combination of Big-Small and Odd-Even bets. “Big Odd” means the sum of 20 Balls is >810 and Odd Number. Meanwhile, “Small Odd” is <810 and Odd Number. “Big Even” and “Small Even” are the same principle, but a sum is an Even number.
  • Five Elements [Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth] – This bet is based on the sum range of the 20 numbered balls. Gold if ranging from (210-695), Wood if (696-763), Water if (764-855), Fire if (856-923), and Earth if (924-1410)
  • Pearl Ball – In this bet, you have the option to pick 1 to 5 numbers out of 80. Payout is based on how many numbers hit on your bet, regardless of sequence. Visit the official website today for the actual odds for each number hit.

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Visit the W88 Keno today and start your betting career in the Lottery. Choose your luckiest bet now! Double your money as quickly as possible from bet great odds. Create your account today by clicking the trusted links below. By the way, take note that you cannot place a bet when the market is closed. You can visit the website today and try the Demo Version for better familiarization of the game.

How to Play Keno in W88 – Easy Access

Now you know what the basic and bet types in playing Keno are. Part of the lesson on how to Play Keno is to know where to play! One of the most recommended from many News and Blog sites for casinos, sportsbooks, and lotteries is W88 India . The W88 website features the complete collection of online games, and it includes the game Keno. First, you must create your account by visiting the official website. Once you have the account, simply click the Lottery Tab under the W88 Dashboard. Click Keno and start playing!

How to Play Keno in W88 - Easy Access

How to Play Keno in W88 – Easy Access

For more convenience on how to play Keno in W88 2023, the website can play from either mobile phones or desktops. For mobile devices, you can enjoy great compatibility for both Android and iOS. Access the game straight to your smartphones, great mobile optimization with HTML 5 browsers. Join now and enjoy great promotions when you register today! Up to INR 5,000 as a Welcome Bonus and a Weekly Instant Cash Rebate of 0.4% awaits you with W88 Keno. Join now!

Conclusion on How to Play Keno

Experience now the best Keno platform in India. No need to visit any lottery houses and casinos near your city. Open an account today and start playing this great game! Follow the steps on how to play Keno in W88 above and show your unstoppable luck. You can also play other games on the website, such as Casino Slots, Live Casino, Lotto, and Sports. Click the register button below and show all how to play Keno .