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Play Blackjack Online in a Favorite Casino Site W88 India

Blackjack Online is available now at casino W88 online. W88 brings you the most luxurious casino betting experience via your PC or phone. Sign up to W88 and create an account so you can start playing the classically famous Blackjack on the platform. Playing Blackjack W88 is a great opportunity to earn thousands of Indian rupees while having fun. You don’t have to visit Goa, Daman, or Sikkim just to play at land-based casinos. Just grab your device of choice and start playing the popular Blackjack Game .

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In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of how you can play Blackjack Live Online on the W88 India platform. We will also walk you through some Blackjack Rules you need to remember if you are new to playing the classic game. To boot, we’ll discuss the Blackjack Rules Cards and their values, so you can have a seamless gambling experience down the line.

Play Blackjack Online in a Favorite Casino Site W88 India

Play Blackjack Online in a Favorite Casino Site W88 India

Blackjack W88 Common Rules to Play the Game 2023

Blackjack Game Online has the same rules as Blackjack offline. The only difference between playing the game online is that it’s more practical and convenient. You can play Online Blackjack anywhere in India, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

In Blackjack Online, the goal of every player is to get a hand with a card value of 21 or the closest to 21. At the start of the game, all players on the Blackjack table will place their bets or chips upfront. The dealer will then distribute 1 card to each player (the cards here will be faced up). After distributing the first cards for each, the dealer will provide the second cards for the players (the cards will be faced down).

Once both the players and dealers have 2 cards, they can choose whether to “stand” or “hit.” Hit essentially means to request a new card to make the value of the cards 21 (or close to it), while stand means not to request another card from the dealer.

To give you a better idea about Blackjack Rules Cards, here is a short rundown. The face cards are equivalent to 10. Meanwhile, the Ace cards are equivalent to either 11 (soft) or 1 (hard). So when is an Ace considered as 11 or 1 in Blackjack Live?

Blackjack W88 Common Rules for Playing the Game

Blackjack W88 Common Rules for Playing the Game

In Blackjack W88, an Ace is considered hard or soft only whenever the cards have a total of 21 or less than 21. The Ace has a value of 1 (hard) if the other cards the player has, when summed up, exceeds the value of 10. Here is an example: The Player’s first card is an Ace and its second card is a 6. When this happens, the Player’s hand can be considered a soft 17 or a hard 7, since Ace can be valued as 1 or 11 .

If the player decided to take a “hit” or request another card higher than 4, then the Ace will be valued automatically as 1. This is because you want to avoid a “bust.” It is when either hand exceeds the number 21. If you exceed the value of 21, you lose!

If you can’t quite get these Blackjack Rules, feel free to watch videos online so you can have a more visual learning experience. Feel free also to start playing at Blackjack Game Online at W88, so you can watch real rounds and monitor the tables.

Enjoy Blackjack Live Online in Different Live Casino Clubs

You can play Online Blackjack at W88 in different casino clubs. Yes, you heard it right. Blackjack Live Online can be played in various clubs with unique themes, a variety of live dealers, and unparalleled rewards and prizes! Each club has its own advantages. However, all of these clubs offer the same high-definition video streaming capabilities. Whether you’re playing Blackjack Game or other live casino games (roulette, sic bo, dragon tiger, poker, etc.). These clubs are the following:

Enjoy Blackjack Live Online in Different Live Casino Clubs

Enjoy Blackjack Live Online in Different Live Casino Clubs

  • Club Ezugi (Indian/Bollywood-inspired)
  • Club Evolution (Innovative games)
  • Club Massimo (high-tech gaming/tables)
  • Club W Casino (cinematic gaming – available in 2D, 3D, 7-seater, and even multi-table views)
  • Club Palazzo (best Asian & European live dealers)

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Blackjack Online is easy to play, which is why it is a favorite among Indian casino players. Your casino betting experience won’t be complete without playing this game online.

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